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Things to do with the kids in the warmer weeks Posted On 22 February 2022

Now the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about getting outdoors with the kids and have great days out!


The weather is starting to warm up. It’s a frustratingly slow transition from the winter weeks, as it always is, but it’s certainly getting there! With spring just around the corner, more and more opportunities for spending days outdoors are arising. Here are our top picks for ideas of things to do with the kids over the warmer weeks ahead.


Spring gardening

Children love to get their hands dirty from time to time, and gardening is a great way of allowing them to do that, in a safe environment, whilst also getting tons of much-needed exercise. The process can also be educational. It is a fun activity for all the family to get involved with, and helps with bonding.



Whether they’ve tried it before, or are already a pro, fishing is a really effective way of calming your kids down, and can prove to be a somewhat spiritual, therapeutic activity, even for children, as well as allowing for that all-important bonding time. Plenty off time to talk whilst fishing.


Bike rides

Who doesn’t like a good bike ride? And if your young ones haven’t yet learned, now is the perfect time of the year to get them versed in the wonderful art of cycling. It’s a favourite for the spring season, since visibility is beginning to get better and the sun is smiling, with the wind often being kind too. There are bike lanes and country cycle paths everywhere these days, as we’re all trying to be that little bit greener.


Foraging (with experts)


Children are natural-born foragers. Foraging is the perfect activity to spark their curiosity about the world and about nature. Spending the afternoon in your local woods would be an experience your kids will never forget. You never know, they may want to do it regularly. But make sure you’re with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, because picking the wrong berry could be fatally dangerous.

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