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International Cat Day is upon us - make your home comfortable for your feline friend Posted On 08 August 2022

They say no home is complete without a cat and it is easy to see why


Pets are an added spice of life that makes the hardest days just that little easier.

Few animals can be as loyal or act as a trusty companion as a cat.

Whether snuggling up with your kitty on the sofa, sharing a treat or just petting them, the gratification we get from taking care of our pets can rarely be equaled.

International Cat Day will this year be celebrated on Monday, August 8 and will act as a day for us all to show our appreciation to all the felines in our lives.

Whether you already own a clowder of cats or are looking to purchase or adopt your first, why not think about spending some time on this International Cat Day to make your home as feline-friendly as possible?


Split up their amenities


Cats should be given separate locations around the home to eat, drink, go to the toilet and to sleep.

Keep their food away from any doors to the outside, so they do not feel threatened while trying to eat.

Water should also be kept away from their food, as in the wild they would not get their drink and food from the same location and domestic cats have a preference towards this too.

A cat’s sleeping location and ‘facilities’ should be in a quiet place of the house, warm and away from any draughts.


Give them access to the grand outdoors


Everybody knows cats love being outside to be able to explore and run.

Being outside allows a cat to find new things to sniff and keep themselves entertained, so ensuring they have access to this is important.

Consider installing a cat flap so they can come and go as they please.


Create a routine



Cats are creatures of habit, so if you can create a regular routine for them, such as feeding them at the same time, will help them settle and feel at home.

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