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Hints and tips to create your tastiest Christmas pudding yet Posted On 28 November 2022

 It is a staple treat as part of our festive dinner each year


No Christmas dinner would be complete without a delicious pudding to end the evening on.

These are traditionally sweet dried-fruit filled puddings which families up and down the country will be getting prepared for their festive celebrations.

This is one part of your Christmas Day celebrations that you can get underway now as they should be prepared roughly five weeks before the big day.

To make sure your Christmas Day is as special as possible this year, you could consider jazzing up your pudding.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to make sure your Christmas pudding is memorable this year, for all the right reasons.


Make sure it is ready early


As we have already alluded to, this is the perfect time to get your pudding prepared.

Do not leave it to the last minute, as the extra time will allow the flavours to truly develop and the sponge will turn dark, sticky and succulent.


Extra flavours


Mix up the flavours that your diners will experience by throwing in some additional spices when crafting the pudding.

For example, add ginger into the syrup before steaming to produce a sweet and spicy taste, while chopped nuts, like pecans or hazelnuts, will give it a crunch.

Alternatively, you could also add dried figs or grated apple into the mixture to increase the sweetness and change the texture.


Up the booze!


Traditionally, the fruit for your pudding should be soaked in brandy, however you could also soak it in dark rum or cider, which will increase the punch you get in the first mouthful on Christmas Day.


Think about the presentation


While the pudding is all about the iconic taste, also bear in mind how you are planning to present it on the big day.


The classic pud will be placed in the centre of the table with brandy sauce poured over, while you can also make a spectacle by pouring over heated brandy to produce a fantastic flame effect.

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